Internet of Things in Japan:
Challenges and Opportunities
by Sven Eriksson

This is a brand new report about the fast-growing IoT market in Japan. No other report has looked so in depth of the Japanese IoT market. This report is, therefore, essential to anybody who plans to do business with the Japan, either buying or selling IoT-related products, systems or services.

In Japan the Japanese government wants to revitalize the economy, to cope with the declining birthrate and increased longevity. IoT together with AI, Robotics, and Big Data are technologies which will help to support the society despite a decreasing number of laborers. 

The Japanese industry is, however, concerned about IoT since there are issues with standardization, weak value proposition, and problems with security. Besides this, there is a lack of IT engineers in Japan. The government believes that Japan might lag behind other advanced nations and has therefore initiated several new public-private joint projects.

“IoT will shape new winners long before losers understand that they lost.”

This report describes the Japanese IoT market in detail for business executives, who are considering to establish business relations with Japan. In this report we will learn about:

  • Applicable standards, protocols, and frequency bands
  • The Japanese market, size, growth and segmentation
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Potential partners for foreign companies
  • Top IoT chip manufacturers in Japan
  • Major module manufacturers
  • Companies providing connectivity
  • Applications Developers and System Integrators
  • Foreign suppliers in Japan
  • IoT projects and applications in Japan
  • Governmental organizations, universities, VC, trade fairs
  • Several appendixes with listings of Japanese IoT companies

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