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Traditionally western companies wanted to find suppliers in Japan, but now most of our western clients wants to enter the wealthy Japanese market.

Japan has changed from a very closed society, with a Japan Inc. business structure to a much more open society.  The globalization has created a new phenomena in Japan; Either you become global or you disappear. 

Major Japanese companies has also understood that it is pointless in supporting local industry who are not competitive abroad, and therefore it is better to have global partners, even if those are foreign.

The Japanese market has therefore opened up for excellent global suppliers in any business segment. This has created a large influx of foreign suppliers, not only in B2C but lately also in B2B.

Most foreign suppliers are not only profitable in Japan, but very profitable. 

Here we can help, with what I would call a Business Acceleration Program. We will together with our clients, discuss what is the goal and strategy for Japan. Based on this, we will together plan and implement a program, which reach the goal in shortest possible time.



If you are interested in seminars about EU or Japan, we have a special site for this with excellent speakers.