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Doing business in Japan is sometimes confusing. We all know that a "yes" doesn't necessary mean Yes. And that "I will think of it" mostly means No. 

But how to understand the outcome of a meeting is maybe even more difficult. Potential Japanese partners are always behaving in a very polite way and consequently the outcome of the meetings are sometimes ambiguous.

I have lived and done business for more than 40 years in this environment, I can therefore provide, what I call "Business Acceleration Support" in an inexpensive way. This will help your company to save time and consequently money.

Especially during an initial phase of your companies establishment or fact-finding in Japan, it can be very expensive to employ full time executive Japanese or expat staff. Those individuals needs the right qualifications to be able to access top executives in Japanese companies.

I have worked more than 40 years in Japan, graduated from the #1 university in Japan and have long experience in telecom. My age is a major advantage in Asian cultures.